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Clear Skin Tea

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As the largest organ of the body and one that has continuous contact with the environment, the skin needs proper care and nourishment to remain healthy. Since the skin is a primary detoxifying organ, the state of the skin often reflects our general state of internal health.

We have carefully selected this blend of natural herbs, to help support healthy, clear skin. Herbs used in this blend, including Chamomile, Calendula, Aloe Vera Leaves and Sage have traditionally been used to help reduce inflammation, improve clearance of toxins and filter impurities from the skin and blood. This is a light and refreshing blend of earthy botanicals, balanced with tones of mint.  This blend is caffeine free.

Ingredients: Rose Petals, Calendula, Rosemary Leaves, Lavender Flower, Mint (Pudina) Leaves, Sage, Chamomile Flower, Thyme Leaves, Licorice Root, Neem Leaves, Aloevera Leaves, Gotu Kola, Nettle Leaves, Stevia Leaves , Cardamom and Green Tea.

NATURAL BEAUTY ENHANCER: Forget beauty creams and makeup ”the real secret to a flawless, natural glow is Clear Skin Tea. Nourishing green tea mixed with skin-loving ingredients like Chamomile, Calendula, Aloe Vera Leaves and Sage make for the perfect beauty elixir, helping to support glowing skin and beauty from within.

DRINK A TEA WITH DIFFERENCE: Purposefully formulated with skin-friendly ingredients to help rejuvenate and moisturize skin

FIGHT HORMONAL ACNE & BLEMISHES - Our Clear Skin Tea is made with beneficial skin boosting antioxidants to support removal of impurities from the body and skin.

HEALS, REPAIRS & PURIFIES: This wellness herbal tea is formulated to gently and thoroughly detoxify the system, specifically the blood. Purifying while initiating healing and repair functions.

DIRECTIONS:  Put 1 teaspoon (2 gram) of Clear Skin Tea in a cup. Pour boiling water into the cup. Cover the cup and let it steep for three to four minutes. Strain and serve. Preferred without milk.

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Megha 04/08/2019

Morning means a cup of tea and I can't think of starting my day without it. The indian chai has come up with another amazing product which not only energises us but also helps in having a flawless skin.Skin is a primary detoxifying organ.It has continuous contact with the environment so we need to take proper care to remain healthy. Clear Skin Tea - The perfect amalgam of green tea, rose petals, chamomile, calendula, aloe Vera leaves, sage, rosemary leaves etc.It is delicious to taste with the perfect aroma. It not only supports in glowing skin but also helps to rejuvenate and mosturize the same.It fights with hormonal acne too.It is loaded with antioxidants to support removal of impurities from body and skin.

Shreya 03/06/2019

Who doesn't want to look great & have a beautiful skin without spending tons of money. As much as skincare is important, taking care of insides of the body is important as well. This tea has ingredients like chamomile, lavender , rose petals which helps in detoxification of body from insides leading to less occurence of pimples & boils.

Aakav 29/05/2019

This tea is simply awesome... Loved the aroma and the taste... You simply dont need to add anything to it just brew it and enjoy it... If you are a tea lover go for it.

Rohit 27/05/2019

The Indian Chai - Clear Skin Tea is a desi chai range that is replete with goodness of rose, chamomile, lavender sage. My mother bought this for me as I have a acne prone skin and diet followed is a major factor.

Aakanksha 25/05/2019

Recently ordered this and I m loving how a tea can help you for clear skin but results are amazing . I can feel it when I tried ...bi highly recommend it to you 👍

Nitesh 22/05/2019

This tea is really nice. I can find the difference in my skin after drinking it for almost a week. It is strong and a small packet also works for a longer period of time but it depends on your usage. I only drink it once a day. I definitely recommend this product. It doesn't need sugar and hence is healthier too.

Puja 25/02/2019

I've been drinking this clear skin tea. The reason I like to drink it is because of the taste oh my goodness it is so amazing. The taste of all the ingredients is super especially the essence of rose. And regarding the glow on my skin is bit more, but to see the best results drink it regularly. :)

Nayan 31/01/2019

I got this clear skin tea because my skin was not doing well for a month. So I thought of giving this a try. I am having this tea for almost a month now. The flavour is really good . The packaging is really impressive. You don't need another container to store the tea, the box itself is great. The scent is really nice and relaxing. I have this twice a day. It feels very refreshing after having it. My skin is also doing better.

Aanan 06/01/2019

The flavours are perfect and not over the top. The presentation is awesome. I loved the packaging. It is absolutely value for money. I like the mix of flavours in it.

Ankit 31/10/2018

Wow! Didn't know this chai will work such wonders. My sister who has acne problem on her face n back was almost frustrated with every possible creams, lotions or doctors prescription until she tried this chai and wow it started showing results right from day 2. The breakouts are disappearing, her periods which got delayed by about 2 weeks has started and yes! Definitely skin is glowing.

Megha 30/09/2018

I am amazed with the tea... The tea has all the ingredients and has the same as they have shown in the pictures. I never seen any other Indian company to come with such good quality. I'm Impressed with the Indian chai personally. The taste is little tiny bit bitter because if has green tea in it except that the taste is not that different which you can't adopt in 2 days.. surely recommend others if they are looking for something like this.

Pooja 21/08/2018

I am so so in love with this green tea. It not only takes care of my skin it is also yum in taste. It has a blend of natural herbs to support healthy clear skin. Herbs included are chamomile, calendula, alovera leaves and sage . It works by reducing inflammation, improve clearance of toxins and filter impurities from skin and blood. It is light and refreshing and caffeine free. Just boil water, pour into a cup add tea and let it brew. It is a natural beauty enhancer, fights harmonal acne and blemishes and helps your skin glow.

Chetan 14/08/2018

I am so impressed by this tea. Things that normal face products could not do for me is done by this magic potion. My skin has started to glow with its daily consumption. It has helped me with my breakouts to a great extent and i am so thankful to the indian chai that my acne has become almost negligible. It has surely done justice to its name and to my face. It has reduced my blemishes and my skin feels soft and glowy. Perfect packaging and the bonus is that they have given a complimentary ginger and turmeric tea pouch inside it! Thank you Indian Chai in love with your products! Worth every penny! Fully satisfied customer.

Roshan 10/05/2018

I am having this tea from last 20days and started noticing the difference in my skin texture from the 4th day itself. My skin looks more healthier, plumpy, and glowy. It's enhancing the skin texture and skin feels more smoother and soft :)

Purvi 12/02/2018

I happened to order this recently being a green tea lover. This is named as clear skin tea. I think the benefits are quite evident. The product arrived quite on time. The packaging was perfect. This is a green tea and shouldn't be used with milk. I just added a spoon of it in the boiling water and voila the green tea was ready. The flavors are simply awesome. Cant wait to try their different green teas.

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