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Ginger Adrak Chai

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For thousands of years ginger has been used for medicinal purposed. It has powerful anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties and it is used in many ways while cooking. Ginger, in fact, rightfully serves its reputation, as a wonder spice and is a perfect addition to a cup of tea. In India, ginger is commonly used when making chai tea. It provides heat and helps cure cold, coughs & tummy aches. Exquisite Assam CTC black tea and fresh, aromatic ginger work in perfect harmony to produce a rejuvenating cup of tea.

Ingredients: Assam CTC Black Tea and Ginger.

Here's a list of some of the amazing benefits of Ginger Adrak Chai

RELIEVES TUMMY ACHE: One of the health benefits of ginger tea is that it helps to relieve stomach pains. The analgesic effects of ginger will soothe the stomach pain and the tea will calm it.

IMPROVES BLOOD CIRCULATION: Health benefits of ginger root include improved blood circulation. The vitamins, minerals and amino acids that ginger tea contains, help improve the circulation of blood around your body and help to reduce your chances of developing cardiovascular disorders when consumed regularly.

EASES ARTHRITIS PAIN: Arthritis patients have often had a soothing feeling in their joints after drinking ginger tea. The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties of the spice works both while drinking ginger tea

AIDS DIGESTION: One of the popular health benefits of ginger root is that it aids digestion. After overeating, ginger quickly soothes your stomach and makes you feel comfortable again. The spice aids digestion, boosts your metabolism and speeds up the process of your body absorbing the nutrients from the food.

REMEDY FOR COUGH, COLDS AND FLU: When you're feeling down in the dumps with a cold, a cup of warm ginger tea can really pick you up. It has a gentle warming feel to it, from the spiciness, and it is also known to ease the contraction in the airways and so making it easier to breath.

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Khusboo 06/06/2019

This is one of the best masala chais I have come across

Naira 27/05/2019

This is one Tea I shall be consuming regularly! Malty, comforting, a very bold tea with flavours that linger in your mouth for a long while after taking a sip.

Suyash 16/05/2019

Ginger Adrak Chai is an essential part of my routine. My day feels incomplete if I do not drink a piping hot cup of Adrak Wali Chai in the morning.

Munnna 15/04/2019

I really like the taste of this tea and color it gives to tea. It has ginger roots that gives a very strong and nice taste to tea. It helps in curing cold also. Great product

Tsering choedon 20/03/2019

I always love to have ginger tea during winter to get rid of cold n cough. So, I have get mine here and it works well for. Last night my younger son got stomach ache and I give him the tea and it reduced much. The regular intake also works on indigestion and arthritis pain. This Ginger - adrak chai is a must for every family.

Kerrie 08/02/2019

This tea is very different from other branded ginger teas in the market. Here the experienced blenders at TIC have created a soothing & subtle flavored Chai. The taste of ginger is not overpowering or bitter in the brew, it is light and blends extremely well with the black tea.

Shashank Kamdar 16/01/2019

You just cannot not like Ginger Chai! There isn’t a single day when I haven’t added ginger to my tea. This convenient pack saves you the trouble of looking for fresh ginger on the go or in off-season. Lovely flavor. Ginger has the best digestive properties. I just love this tea!

Online Dummy 08/12/2018

In a market flooded with dozens of brands selling their variants of packaged ginger teas, The Indian Chai (TIC) recently has come up with its own version of the Adrak Chai (Ginger Black Tea). Going by their past track record I had high hopes of the product, and after using the same - I must say TIC has added another feather to its cap by making a winning product.

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