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Lavender Tulsi Herbal Tea

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Tulsi, also known as holy basil, is well known for its anti-oxidant and anti-viral properties. It helps with mental boost, mood balance, calmness, and reduces allergic reactivity.

Gentle lavender adds its special aroma to create a tea that fosters a sense of calmness and serenity. Naturally caffeine-free. Lavender's calming properties are well known.

Lavender tea can reduce anxiety and also calm the digestive problems that accompany stress for many people. Gentle lavender combined with Tulsi leaves and green tea with a hint of peppermint creates a soothing tea. Also makes a great iced tea.

Ingredients: Pure Lavender Flowers, Rama Tulsi, Krishna Tulsi, Vana Tulsi, Peppermint Leaves and Premium Green Tea.

Here's a list of some of the amazing benefits of Lavender Tulsi Herbal Tea

  1. Tulsi is disease resistant. It has world's best anti-bacterial, anti septic, anti-viral, anti-flu, and anti-biotic, anti inflammatory, and anti-disease properties.
  2. The anti-inflammatory components of lavender can help to reduce inflammation throughout the body and easy hurting muscles.
  3. Consumption of lavender tea has a calming effect on a person's mind and body, thereby helping an individual deal with anxiety effectively.
  4. This tea is found to be beneficial in helping an individual deal with various gastrointestinal issues
  5. Lavender has been in use as a sedative to help individuals suffering from sleep issues. Lavender tea consumed before bedtime can promote good sleep. 
  6. Weight Loss - Green tea increases the metabolism. The polyphenol found in green tea works to intensify levels of fat oxidation and the rate at which your body turns food into calories.

How to make a perfect cup of Lavender Tulsi Herbal Tea?

  • Place 1 tea spoon or 2 gm. tea leaves in a cleaned empty pot. 
  • Keep the water below boiling point. Pour into the pot, and cover the pot with the lid.
  • Let it brew for 5 minutes.
  • Strain and serve. 
  • Preferred without milk.

For Iced Tea with Lavender Tulsi Herbal Tea

  • Place 2 tea spoon or 5 gm. tea leaves in a cleaned empty pot. 
  • Keep the water below boiling point. Pour into the pot, and cover the pot with the lid.
  • Let it brew for at least 6 to 7 minutes.
  • Once steeped, discard leaves and allow tea to cool before refrigerating. To serve, pour chilled tea into a tall glass filled with ice. Garnish as desired.

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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sanjana 28/06/2019

Very refreshing tea. I usually have this tea in the evening during my relaxation time. It’s a perfect stress buster with the sweet aroma of lavender

ritika 20/05/2019

This great lavender tea gives you a sense of calm. Composites your thoughts and helps in weight loss. The packaging was amazing. Delivery on time. A must buy product.

rubina 07/04/2019

Lavender green tea, which means lavender infused with green tea, sounds good? It tastes good too maynn.

chand 27/03/2019

Just enjoyed this beautiful Lavender Green Tea, the lavender just smells makes me feel like having the Tea every 2 hours. Just in love with this Tea. 

soumita 18/02/2019

The lavender is slightly milder than what I would prefer. I would request the seller to increase the ratio of the lavender. But it is still a very good tea and way better than the rest in the market and most cost effective too. 

chatti 05/01/2019

Wow. wow. wow... What a quality of tea, at affordable price. If u are a genuine lover of french lavender, and regularly take green tea, then you should try this particular version served by The Indian Chai. The tea leaves came fresh, in a wonderful packaging. Their customer service is also excellent,

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