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Lemon Blast Instant Tea

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We love our teas? From black to green, normal to masala, hot to iced, we’ve put a lot many efforts to innovate on our teas. Loaded with antioxidants and packed with beneficial nutrients, a cup of Lemon Blast Tea can be a refreshing drink for anytime of the day. It infuses tea with a tangy lemon to give you the perfect refreshing taste. A light brew of tea lifted by the fresh and tangy taste of lemon. Every sip of this wonderful tea will brighten up your day with a little sunshine. Made with all-natural ingredients - nothing more, nothing less. This refreshing tea drives away fatigue and relieves stress instantaneously. Naturally caffeine free.

Ingredients: Lemon, Ctc Tea, Black Rock Salt, Carom Seed, Black Pepper, Licorice and Sugar.

NATURAL LEMON: It contains the natural lemon and spices blended in the perfect ratio which makes you fall in love with its fascinating colour, inviting aroma, fabulous taste and a whole lot of health benefits. 

BOOSTS IMMUNITY: Lemon has antibacterial, antifungal and natural antioxidant properties that help in preventing infections and diseases. Drink away the Tea to good health!

DIGESTION AND GASTRIC AILMENTS: The anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial properties of Lemon Blast tea helps relieve inflamed stomach linings and remove the harmful bacteria residing in the stomach.

SKIN HEALTH: While keeping you fully hydrated, the anti-oxidants in Lemon Blast tea eradicate the free oxygen radicals that are known for causing early signs of ageing and skin conditions like pimples and acne.

DIRECTIONS: For Hot Lemon Tea: Add One Cup of Hot water with one Spoon of Lemon Tea & Stir it for One minute & a Perfect Cup of Hot Lemon Tea is Ready. For Iced Lemon Tea: Add One Glass of Cold Water, Mix one spoon of Lemon Tea & Stir it for One minute & a perfect glass of Ice Lemon Tea is ready.

*DISCLAIMER: This information is not presented as medical advice nor should it be used as a substitute for consultation with a qualified health care practitioner. Our products are not designed to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease nor should any information contained herein be read as prescribing any specific remedy or guaranteeing any specific result. The FDA has not evaluated any of this information.


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payton 30/12/2019

A very different flavour from my usual teas. Great for the summer days. It has citrus lemon flavor with a hint of black pepper. It is very refreshing and immediately refreshes the mood. It has carrom seeds and black rock salt which makes it great for digestion and immunity. I really liked it. It feels different in the first few sips but then you get hang of it! Nice one.

abigail 20/11/2019

Being a chai lover, i am always checking out for new flavors and tastes and this tea is very different to what you must have had earlier. It has a taste of lemon and trust me its awesome. The flavor may hit u once but next sip u will enjoy ur drink....

ariana 30/10/2019

I am a total lemon fan and I happened to find the best tea in that flavor. And I being a green tea lover, I anyways try and experiment. The tea tasted refreshing! The packaging was perfect. The delivery was before time. On and all, everything went well

ashley 25/04/2019

Absolutely wonderful. Keeps my stomach great all times. Love the flavour. Can have it anytime of the day to feel refreshed. Im in love with flavour

charlotte 08/03/2019

This tea smells really good, very lemony. It is easy to prepare, no need of straining unlike other leafy ones. It smells and tastes very good, lemony with a hint of pepper. While drinking it I instantly felt refreshed.

lucy 08/02/2019

I love Tang, especially the Lemon one. But I stay away from it owing to the truckloads of sugar they add to it, apart from food stabilizers and other artificial flavours. When I chanced upon this product I bought it to check if it comes close to Tang and happy to report, it does! It is not as sweet, thankfully. One can always add sugar but the artificial sweetness of Tang is missing which is great!

elizabeth 16/01/2019

This tea is perfect to activate me on my lazy days coz Its filled with carom seeds which can help relieve indigestion and the tangy taste is perfect to refresh the mood and the best part is that its naturally caffeine free.

emily 01/09/2018

What better than a tea in your bag that you can relish with hot as well as cold water!! This gives me a refreshing boost!! I am in love with this tea and flavour. This is a must have in my bag now

stella 19/08/2018

My perfect companion for the lethargic days. The lemon flavour literally kicks in freshness in my body. Also has ingredients that help me with digestion issues whenever I had truck loads of outside food.

mila 06/07/2018

It contains the natural lemon and spices blended which makes you fall in love with its fascinating colour, inviting aroma, fabulous taste and a whole lot of health benefits.

bella 27/06/2018

It has a great refreshing tangy taste and full of antioxidents . It builts immunity and improves digestion . I liked this lemon blast tea as cold iced tea .

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