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Pineapple Slimming Green Tea



Pineapple Slimming Green Tea – a delicious formula that helps with lowering weight by helping control your appetite, as well as help, detox your body. Pineapple offers significant benefits to our health, due to its high content of antioxidants which helps prevent cell aging. And thanks to its high water content, it is an excellent diuretic helping to combat fluid retention and facilitating the elimination of toxins, making it great for helping you to lose weight.

Also makes a great iced tea.

Ingredients: Organic Green Tea, Pineapple and Cinnamon sticks.

Here’s a list of some of its amazing benefits:

  1. Weight Loss – Green tea increases the metabolism. The polyphenol found in green tea works to intensify levels of fat oxidation and the rate at which your body turns food into calories.
  2. This tea encourages gastric secretion. It has rich anti-oxidants and also has storehouse of various minerals, vitamins and nutrition’s that helps to lose weight without any loss of nutrition.
  3. It is anti-inflammatory in the colon, which could normalize the bacterial flora. It can help to eliminate hemorrhoids and prevent infections of the mouth and throat.
  4. Cinnamon stabilizes blood sugar levels and increases the metabolism of glucose. Since high blood sugar levels can lead to increased storage of fat, cinnamon helps prevent this.
  5. Its powerful anti-bacterial properties help to get rid of the bad bacteria in the stomach for easy digestion to lose weight.

How to make a perfect cup of tea.

  • Place 1 tea spoon tea leaves in a cleaned empty pot. 
  • Keep the water below boiling point. Pour into the pot, and cover the pot with the lid.
  • Let it brew for 5 minutes.
  • Strain and serve. 
  • Preferred without milk.

For Iced Tea

  • Place 2 tea spoon or 5 gm. tea leaves in a cleaned empty pot. 
  • Keep the water below boiling point. Pour into the pot, and cover the pot with the lid.
  • Let it brew for at least 5 to 6 minutes.
  • Once steeped, discard leaves and allow tea to cool before refrigerating. To serve, pour chilled tea into a tall glass filled with ice. Garnish as desired.

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Weight 50 g

50gm, 100gm, 250gm, 500gm, 1kg

  • rsankari27@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    This is the first time I’m ordering this tea and auroma is really awesome..totally love it.!

  • samridhi.gambhir26@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    I like this pineapple green tea a lot. Taste is really good and smells wonderful.

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