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The Caddy Collection, Best Diwali Gift, Assorted Best Sellers


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This makes a perfect gift For all chocolate lovers. From Cocoa Nibs to Choco Chips it has all forms of chocolates.


  • Choco Mint Tea: This tea makes it wonderfully refreshing while sweet like a dessert from the chocolate.
  • Choco Mint Rooibos Tea: This Tea makes you calm and relaxed, promotes healthy sleep.
  • Valentines Tea: Keep the romance alive and enjoy this special tea with your special someone.
  • Chocolate Tea: This tea is a delicious drink and a must-try for chocolate lovers. 
  • Choco Muscat Chai: If you love chocolate cupcakes, then this is the tea for you

THE CADDY COLLECTION with five varieties of Chocolate tea blends – Choco Mint Tea, Choco Mint Roiibos Tea, Valentines Tea, Chocolate Tea and Choco Muscat Chai.

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE–This assorted collection of The Indian Chai comes in a whimsically elegant wooden gift box. The perfect gift for any tea lover in your life. Contains teas from all caffeine levels and a wide range of moods and flavors.

SPECIFICITIES: Five whole leaf teas of 10g each. Every variety makes 5 cups of tea.

GREAT DIWALI GIFT: This is a great love gift for Diwali to show your appreciation or love to your boy or girl friend, fiance, sister, brother, wife, husband, mom, or the best dad. Present your gifts with love, warmth and romance.

TRY EVERY FLAVOR: There’s an Indian Tea for every mood and every time of day. Rise and shine with Cinnamon Black Tea, smooth out the day with Ayurvedic Shanti Tea, get an antioxidant boost from Hibsicus Floral Tea, or relax & restore with one of our variety of herbal teas.

Specificities of the tea set:
5 whole leaf tea jar of 10 g each.
Net weight: 50 g

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