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The Ancient Ayurvedic Brew, Set of 3 Dosha Teas Assorted, Vata - Pitta and Kapha Teas

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An exquisite assortment of expertly curated Dosha teas for tea connoisseurs and tea lovers . This assortment of Dosha Teas packed in an exquisite gift box brings a touch of luxury to any occasion. A luxurious new age gifting pack - ideal for the festive season assortment of Ayurvedic teas crafted to rejuvenate, cleanse and revive you and your loved one any time of the day.

CALMING VATA DOSHA TEA - Vata is a principle of movement. That which moves is called vata. Vata governs breathing, blinking of the eyelids, movements in the muscles and tissues, pulsations in the heart. Vata is in charge of functions such as the pulsation of the heart, respiration, circulation and elimination.

BALANCING KAPHA DOSHA TEA - The translation of kapha is biological water, and this bodily principle is formed from the two elements- Earth and Water. Kapha cements the elements in the body, providing the material for physical structure. The chest is the seat of kapha.

COOLING PITTA DOSHA TEA - Pitta represents the fire principle in the body. Everything that enters the body must be "digested" and assimilated, from sensory perception to food for nourishment.

SILICONE MAN TEA INFUSER: Enjoy the ancient teas with Silicone Infuser in the Gift Box. FDA approved and easy to use.

PERFECT GIFT FOR TEA LOVERS - These assorted teas packed in an exquisite reusable gift box are perfect as Anniversary, Birthday, Wedding and Corporate Gift and bring a touch of luxury to any occasion. We also take corporate and wedding orders with customization.  

*DISCLAIMER: This information is not presented as medical advice nor should it be used as a substitute for consultation with a qualified health care practitioner. Our products are not designed to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease nor should any information contained herein be read as prescribing any specific remedy or guaranteeing any specific result. 


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