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Peace can come from within, or from a cup of Ayurvedic Shanti Tea.

Shanti means peace within. Ayurvedic teachings suggest that cultivating peace of mind brings balance to physical and spiritual health. When placed under great emotional stress, consider a warm, wholesome cup of Ayurvedic Shanti tea to help you find your balance again. Ingredients such as tulsi, lemongrass, lavender, and fennel effect calm under stress.

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Health Benefits

  • Helps Relieve Stress
  • Enhances brain function
  • Helps in rejuvenation
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Tasting Notes

Earthy Woody Citrusy Sweet Floral
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Tulsi (Holy Basil) | Fennel Seed | Licorice Root | Star Anise | Orange Peel | Peppermint Leaves | Lemongrass | Lemon Peel | Brahmi | Ashwagandha | Lavender | Rose Petals

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Brewing Instructions

  • Put 1 teaspoon of tea leaves to an empty pot
  • Add water to the bot and bring to a heat (do not boil)
  • Brew for 5 minutes
  • Preferred without milk
  • Our Herbal Teas are mostly organic, caffeine free and non-toxic.
  • Ingredients sourced from all over the country which are in their whole form | 100% real | No preservatives.
  • Our whole-leaf Teas are packed fresh on order.
  • Relish the happiness of 3 tea samples with every order.
  • We have teas for every reason and every occasion.

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