We believe we should be in control of our health, not be controlled by it.

With today’s high-pressure modern lifestyle, we found among our friends and family, people close to us faced with one health ailment after another. Some temporary, some chronic. With each ailment, a new medication. There was something about watching our loved ones rely helplessly on prescription after prescription that inspired action within us.

We believe that to not be able to enjoy life to the fullest, rely endlessly on medicines, and be at the mercy of our symptoms, is not the way to live; and that we should be in control of our health, not be controlled by it. But how could we achieve this? What was one small tweak we could all make that would spark great change?

Combining our family heritage in tea with the Ayurvedic philosophy of ‘prevention over cure’, we launched The Indian Chai in 2016. With our background in tea and expertise in traditional herbs and spices, we have set forth with the ideal that a daily healthful cup of delicious tea, along with a well-managed lifestyle, may one day eliminate your need to rely on the bitter pill.



Amit Jain - Founder (THE INDIAN CHAI)

Amit Jain is a second-generation tea connoisseur.

When you earn decades of experience in tea, identifying the finest tea leaves becomes second nature. Our founder, Amit Jain, spent his formative years working with his father, a purist in teas, dealing in popular Assam and Darjeeling teas.

Over time, he kept an eye out for the evolving consumer palette and the rise in demand for herbal teas. This, steeped with his own desire to improve on how we take care of our health, gave him the belief that there was no better time to bring about a solution that checked off every criterion.



Having been in the business for decades, chai courses through our veins.

Our vision is to be on the tea shelf of every Indian kitchen, ensure there is a unique, favourite tea blend available to every tea consumer in the country, and help consumers tackle lifestyle diseases with all-natural teas that possess Ayurvedic healing properties.



Your Tea, Your Flavour

Also our motto. We believe tea, as a beverage that can be enjoyed by all, is one of the few true equalizers in life. We believe there is a unique tea for everyone, and this has prompted us to create a diverse set of flavours – the most by any tea brand in India!


To complement our motto is our innovative drive to create a new flavour every few months, and our ability to launch it within the blink of an eye. This initiative has made us the go-to brand for anyone who has looked to enhance their tea-drinking experience.

Attention to Detail

We stay involved every step of the way. Not only are we focused on the big-picture stuff, but we are also active at the shop-level. We handpick every tea and ingredient ourselves, oversee every step of manufacturing, and taste-test every new batch.


We are passionate about tea and health. We have found purpose and meaning in wanting to improve India’s health. The Indian Chai is our medium to help us achieve the same. A deeply personal initiative, we can never compromise on quality or sell a tea of subpar standard.