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For a safer, healthier future, we turn toward ancient Vedic wisdom

This is the age of high stress and late nights, desk jobs and low physical activity, and eating out and poor nutrition – all of which lead to our immunity system breaking down. This tea is a powerful concoction of traditional healing herbs that provides the body the nutrition it needs to build a strong immunity system highly resistant to infections and diseases. It is not a substitute to a healthy lifestyle but greatly complements it.

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Health Benefits

  • Strengthens the Immunity
  • Fights Off Free Radicals
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Tasting Notes

Earthy Heaty Citrus Bitter Sour Floral
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Thyme Leaves | Amla | Guduchi | Punarnava | Nimbu Tulsi | Shankhpushpi | Neem Leaves | Nettle Leaves | Echinacea | Rosemary | Brahmi | Calendula Flower | Mint Leaves | Ashwagandha Root | Mulethi | Oregano Leaves | Lemongrass Leaves | Orange Peel | Coriander Seed | Stevia Leaves | Pippali Longum | Peppermint Leaves | Cinnamon | Ginger | Green Tea

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Brewing Instructions

  • Bring your kettle to a boil, and then let it rest for a minute.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of tea leaves per cup of tea.
  • Steep for not more than 5 minutes.
  • Strain and pour.
  • Our Herbal Teas are mostly organic, caffeine free and non-toxic.
  • Ingredients sourced from all over the country which are in their whole form | 100% real | No preservatives.
  • Our whole-leaf Teas are packed fresh on order.
  • Relish the happiness of 3 tea samples with every order.
  • We have teas for every reason and every occasion.

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