15 Day Healthy Cycle Pack

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In life’s great balancing act, tip the scales in your favour

Our PMS Relief and PCOS Relief teas, besides offering a healthy dose of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, were carefully crafted to provide relief against the symptoms of PMS and PCOS and promote healthy cycles.

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Included in the combo

  • PCOS & PCOD Tea (15 Tea bags)
  • PMS Relief Herbal Tea (15 Tea bags)
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Health Benefits

  • Supports emotional wellbeing and helps you feel better
  • Relieves nausea, bloating, cramps, and improves digestion
  • Helps regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels
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PCOS & PCOD Tea: Organic Spearmint Leaves | Cinnamon Bark | Ashwagandha | Vana Tulsi | Gokshura | Liquorice Root | St John’s Wort | Organic Nettle Leaves | Flax Seed | Fenugreek | Chasteberry | Green Tea

PMS Relief Herbal Tea: Ashwagandha | Shatavari | Dandelion Root | Chasteberry | Ginkgo Biloba | Sage | Anantmool | Lemon Balm | Nettle Leaves | Spearmint Leaves | Curcumin | Chamomile Flowers | Licorice | Fenugreek Seed | Fennel Seed | Ginger | St John’s Wort | Flaxseed | Cinnamon | Maca Root

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Brewing Instructions

  • Put 1 tea bag into a cup of hot water.
  • Steep for about 3-4 minutes.
  • Increase the steeping time by one minute for a strong flavour.
  • One tea bag can generally be brewed for up to 2 times.
  • Our Herbal Teas are mostly organic, caffeine free and non-toxic.
  • Ingredients sourced from all over the country which are in their whole form | 100% real | No preservatives.
  • Our whole-leaf Teas are packed fresh on order.
  • Relish the happiness of 3 tea samples with every order.
  • We have teas for every reason and every occasion.

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